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Introducing the creative minds behind Rotaract Global Model United Nations Special Edition 2018.

Joshika Saraf Secretary General

Joshika Saraf is a law graduate, currently working as a law researcher at the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi. She has previously worked with organisations like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP- India), Indian Ministry of Home Affairs etc.

Anushka Nagpal Deputy Secretary General

Anushka started participating in MUN conferences in 8th grade. She believes that the future lies in the hands of the youth and it is only through debate and discussion that one can bring about change.

Sarthak Katyal Project Manager

Sarthak is the Director of Public Relations at Rotaract District Organization and at RaC DTU Regency, RID 3011. He has previously served as the Ambassador at the IARC, United Nations Power India Program.

Arshdeep Singh USG Delegate Relations

Arshdeep loves to deliberate over the subtle elements of quotidian life and is proud of his debatably eccentric sense of humor. Involved with the RaCDTU since a long time, he considers the members as his family.

Ayush Aggarwal USG Finance

Complementing his interests of finding solution to real life problems through technology, Ayush never deters from voicing his opinion of topics of real life. He is an avid debater and theater enthusiast.

Ansh Agrawal USG External Affairs

Ansh is a fun loving, hard – working, and spontaneous person who believes that MUNs are the perfect opportunity for the youth to express themselves as their voice is heard and their ideas go global.

Rishi Aneja USG Hospitality

Rishi Aneja has been an integral part of organisations such as Harvard project for Asian and International Relations and the Bosch programme for India and Germany. He is currently the International Services Director at RaC DTU Regency.

Krishan Kant USG Hospitality

Krishan considers "Protegat nos, qui non sibi" as his life goals. He believes that today's youth has the ability to make well-informed decisions and MUN's give the youth a platform to voice their opinions.

Gitanjali Jaggi USG Technical Affairs

Gitanjali has been a part of the MUN Circuit for over five years. She firmly believes that youth initiatives catalyse change, and hopes to work towards making the world a better place and foster a brighter future for generations to come.

Aayush Arora USG Corporate Affairs

Aayush Arora is a third year student, extremely compassionate about technology. His association with MUNs and the Delhi MUN circuit has been a long one, having attended and won at various MUNs at school and college level. An eminent member of Rotaract club of DTU, he is presently serving as the Joint Treasurer of the club.

Anurag Khandelwal USG Logistics

Anurag has always been an indispensable contributor in every society, with his eagerness and contagious energy. Always reflecting a positive attitude and getting things done with mutual effort, he never allows himself to settle for less.

Meghna Bhatnagar USG Content and Research

Meghna loves reading and learning about the world, and bringing up random ‘fun facts’ in a conversation. A self professed geek, she loves diving into different worlds and is fascinated when the words come alive off the pages.

Ananya Agarwal USG Creative

Presently working on embedded systems, Ananya is an Artist at heart and is always ready for taking up new adventures and challenges. Associated with Rotaract from past 2 years, she is now the Joint Secretary at Rotaract Club of DTU Regency. She believes that the youth has the power to change the world.

Shefali Bansal USG Digital Marketing

An ambitious person, Shefali enjoys taking on new challenges: be it a computer science algorithm or a real life situation, and tackles it with a creative punch. She believes in speaking less and listening more and loves getting involved with intellectual talks.

Ashutosh Tripathi USG Digital Marketing

Bringing with himself the flavours of the savoury Awadh, Ashotosh's Delhi journey has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Combining the traditional with the modern, the poetic Ashutosh indeed earns his place effortlessly in the heart of everyone he meets, with his Tehzeeb.

Aditi Chandak USG Public Relations and Publicity

Aditi Chandak is a sincere and hard – working being driven by her firm principles and zeal. Over the 2 years that she has been a part of Rotaract DTU, she has not only enhanced but also given the motto "Service Above Self" a higher dimension. She is currently serving as the Director of Vocational Services, Rotaract club of DTU.

Nitya Bahl USG Public Relations and Publicity

An ardent debater throughout her school life, Nitya makes sure that she hears others and voices out her opinions on issues that matter. She believes that in this era of globalization, MUNs leave a marked impact on its participants and truly educate and empower them as global citizens.

Swapnil Dikka USG Public Relations and Publicity

A third year Software Engineering student at Delhi Technological University, Swapnil has been an active member of the Rotaract Club of DTU Regency. She is a huge dog-lover and wishes to lead an animal welfare society in the future.

Mayank Sharma USG Design and Multimedia

Mayank is a second year Engineering student majoring in Electrical & Electronics. He has always loved the idea of putting across messages visually and believes that is what propelled him into the the field of design. He has worked with the UNICEF and FAO on design projects.

Shaivya Paliwal Head, International Press

Shaivya has been an MUN enthusiast for a long time. She believes in the important role played by the press and media, especially in a world where thousands of voices are suppressed.

Saamarth Gupta Head of Photography

Saamarth is an avid tech enthusiast. He feels that images can capture the moment and the feelings with them. He strongly believes that Technology can help change the world and create a better future.